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An Inch of Time by Peter HeltonAn Inch Of Time (2012)

Chris Honeysett, artist and private investigator, is suffering through a particularly dismal spring in his Bath studio, when an unexpected job offer suddenly presents him with not only a solution to his current lack of funds but also the chance to escape the British weather.

A man working on behalf of a large supermarket chain asks Honeysett to travel to the Greek island of Corfu to track down one of their employees who has gone missing. An all-expenses paid trip to a sunny island paradise - what could go wrong? Chris Honeysett is about to find out...


"Tiny cups of coffee strong enough to pave potholes and glasses of cheap, terrible Greek red wine introduce a desultory private eye to life on Corfu.

It’s a cold, damp, penniless April in Bath when uninspired artist Chris Honeysett lands a windfall. As sole proprietor of Aqua Investigations, which he runs with his live-in gal pal, Annis, and her alternate boyfriend, Tim, Chris is asked by a major supermarket chain to locate missing employee Kyla Biggs. Would he mind leaving the awful weather to look for her in Corfu, where she was last spotted? A disreputable motor coach carries him off with his cat, Derringer, as stowaway. Many miles and several countries later, he winds up on a ferry to Corfu, where he picks up a tail while he’s on the way to reacquaint himself with his artist friend Morva, perhaps cadge lodgings from her and, oh yes, find Kyla. Morva has a few problems herself: a snake in the kitchen, a tortoise with a candle strapped to its shell setting fire everywhere, a car cantilevered down the hillside headed straight for her. There’s no sight of Kyla, though. Instead, Chris finds a bird-watcher and an armed guard wearing a vampire-printed T-shirt at the entrance to the Thalassa Organic Olive Oil Co-operative.

His footsteps are dogged by a woman wearing gloves in the Mediterranean heat, someone else following her in turn. Annis and Tim arrive for a holiday, bringing more trouble and Ouzo hangovers. But eventually all is straightened out, though you may never invest in expensive olive oil again.

Who wouldn’t want to spend a fortnight in Corfu with the droll Honeysett and his chums? Helton, who divides his writing time between two series, the noir (Four Below, 2012, etc.) and the wry (Rainstone Fall, 2008, etc.), is a great traveling companion."

"Artist and private eye Chris Honeysett of Aqua Investigations jumps at the chance to leave cold, damp England for sunny Corfu to locate Kyla Biggs. Kyla disappeared in Corfu while on the job, and her employer, a national supermarket chain, is concerned. Once on the island, Honeysett looks up his friend Morva, who is running a school for artists in an abandoned village. Staying with Morva, he begins his search for Kyla, but residents in the surrounding villages are less than helpful and seem to be hiding something. In addition, it looks like someone is trying to sabotage Morva’s school, to the point of trying to kill her. Or are the attacks directed at Honeysett? Honeysett’s chatty, first-person narration; his self-deprecating humor; the Corfu frame; and details of art add to this cozy mystery, which will appeal to fans of Roderic Jeffries’ Inspector Alvarez series, set on the island of Majorca."

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