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Headcase by Peter HeltonHeadcase (2005)

Art thieves should be shot. Which is why Chris Honeysett, painter, gourmet cook and amateur sleuth, very nearly doesn\'t take the case. After all, the police have much better resources for tracking stolen works of art. But his classic Citroën is due for an MOT, parts of his home and studio are falling down, and the price of sea bass is going up relentlessly.  So he can\'t really turn down the job. And talking of sea bass, something about the stolen paintings does smell decidedly fishy...

And then an old friend is brutally murdered and Chris finds himself high on a shortlist of suspects as he sets out to find the killer. Soon, with a second body in the mortuary and CID breathing down his neck, he finds that when dealing with professional criminals, taking your eye off the ball for even a second can have fatal consequences.

Murder seems particularly grotesque set against the genteel façade of the Georgian City of Bath, where the streets are dazzlingly clean and happy tourists are enjoying an exceptional summer. But Chris Honeysett knows from bitter experience that there is more bubbling under the surface of this beautiful city than hot sulphurous springs.


"Skilful plotting, wry humour and deftly drawn characters mark this debut"
Literary Journal

"A wry and intriguing start of a new detective series ... Helton has created a wonderfully caustic main character who careens throught this action-packed debut."

"Lovejoy fans will enjoy this debut."
Denver Post

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