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Rainstone Fall by Peter HeltonRainstone Fall (2008)

For Chris Honeysett, artist and private investigator in the city of Bath, autumn threatens to bring down more than just the roof of his studio. An exceptionally stormy October forms the backdrop to Aqua Investigation's strangest case yet. When Chris downs brushes to take on what looks like a simple surveillance job he finds himself in a frenetic world of murder, abduction and blackmail. Dark problems sometimes require drastic solutions – why else would Honeysett suddenly find himself on the wrong side of the law? Cracks are beginning to show in his private life too, just when the triangle that is Chris, Tim and Annis should be working together to keep them all out of jail. In Rainstone Fall first impressions count for nothing and appearances are always deceptive.


"Helton's gripping third mystery ... Helton takes what could have been a cliché in lesser hands, the wounded good guy who must break the law to uphold justice, and makes him credible. Also vividly portrayed are Honeysett's associates, fellow painter Annis Jordan and reformed safecracker Tim Bigwood, with whom he shares an old barn that doubles as an art studio and their detective agency headquarters. Shabby genteel Bath during the soggy autumn season serves as a memorable setting."
Publishers Weekly

"Self-deprecating Chris is a charmer ... the most sophisticated bit of slapstick to come along in ages"

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