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Slim Chance by Peter HeltonSlim Chance (2006)

Weeks after the body of one victim is discovered in Rainbow Woods another woman is abducted. While the police machinery springs into action, investigator Chris Honeysett has plenty to keep him busy, recovering valuable works of art for the insurers and finding Billy the tramp.

But during his search for the tramp, Chris discovers the abducted woman held captive in a disused railway station. Barely alive, she was slowly and deliberately being starved by the murderer the police dubbed "Dr Atkins". He had taunted police with a series of obscure clues and messages.

Angered by the loss of his victim, the "Doctor" takes revenge on Chris, abducting a close friend of his called Alison. Now it's Chris who has to follow a paperchase of historical riddles around Bath, each solved clue guaranteeing a little food for Alison. To stand a chance of finding her alive Chris must use all his wits, deciphering clues to which the answers lie buried in the city's past.


"The Bath setting, Helton's insights into art forgeries, and the unconventional tactics of Honeysett's somewhat dodgy team ... add up to sheer fun"

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