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Worthless Remains by Peter HeltonWorthless Remains (2013)

Chris Honeysett's latest assignment - babysitting TV archaeologist Guy Middleton during filming at an ageing rock star's mansion near Bath - seems straightforward enough. It turns out to be anything but. While his brief is to protect Guy from over-eager fans, when the TV presenter receives threatening letters and spiked drinks, Honeysett realises there's a lot more to this job than he'd been led to believe.

As the menacing incidents escalate in intensity, it becomes clear that someone intends Guy Middleton serious harm. With his highhanded ways and less-than-professional attitude, the presenter has annoyed a lot of people. But who would hate him enough to try to kill him?

Meanwhile, the archaeologists make some unexpected finds: there's more than Roman remains to uncover in the mansion's grounds...


A humourous cozy with an entertaining plot and a quirky cast ... Good fun

Anglophiles should be satisfied with his close attention to the subtleties of British culture - and cookery in particular
Publishers Weekly

Helton's hero has a biting wit

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